Kyphoplasty Treatment in Peoria, Arizona

Our Kyphoplasty procedure treats painful vertebral compression fractures in your spine. This method of treatment can be used to address current concerns or as a preventative measure for patients with Osteoporosis.

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Kyphoplasty Treatment for the Spine

Compression fractures in the spinal column can occur for multiple reasons but the most common is osteoporosis. At DVVI, we provide a minimally invasive procedure called Kyphoplasty to directly inject bone cement into the injured tissue in order to stabilize the spine. When it comes to kyphoplasty compression fracture treatment, we use imaging guidance to insert a balloon into the fractured bone and create a space and fill it with cement. Most patients not only regain mobility, but experience immediate pain resolution moments after the procedure. As a result, they become more active and their quality of life drastically improves.

When to Consider Kyphoplasty

  • Bones are weakened by cancer.
  • Osteoporosis vertebrae collapse.
  • Surgical reparation has failed.

When to Avoid Kyphoplasty

  • History of bleeding problems
  • You’re currently taking blood thinners

What to Expect During Kyphoplasty Treatment

Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty are surgical procedures used to treat compression fractures and other spinal conditions. Because of this, we more than likely will require you to perform a few blood tests prior to the procedure. During the appointments leading up to your surgery, we will perform some imaging tests to accurately assess your injury and solidify the method of treatment. On the day of the procedure, an anesthesia will be delivered through an IV in your arm so you’re comfortable. We’ll also connect you to blood pressure, heart and pulse monitors.

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